08 March 2013

"Men don't do this! They just get on with it!"

Since writing my last post about women-only networking events, I've been thinking a lot about feminist conversation and how women talk about themselves.

Sheryl Sandberg's latest "social mission" and book titled Lean In focuses on the idea that if only women leaned in to their jobs more aggressively and tried harder, we'd break the glass ceiling and diminish the patriarchy. Just by leaning in. Like Michael Jackson in the "Smooth Criminal" video.

See, this is where we've been going wrong, ladies! We've all been leaning the wrong way! 

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21 February 2013

Do We Need Women-Only Networking Events?

There comes a time in every girl's life when she realises she is going to have to face the inevitable.

The inevitable being an evening stood in a poorly lit room full of strangers all trying to pluck conversation from thin air, while wearing a name tag on their right boob and trying desperately to project confidence and professionalism while attempting to eat chunks of cold chicken off an over-sized toothpick without looking like a barbarian. 

That's right, ladies. You are going to have to network. (Like in person. No, Facebook doesn't count.)



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13 February 2013

Hashtag Fashion, Hashtag Whimsy


FASHION FILM from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.


"I haven't posted anything recently because my guy friend who is good at computers is reformatting my blog."


05 February 2013

Cold It Is, But Cycle We Must

When I fell in love with cycling, it was late May. I spent the summer cycling on days filled with sunshine and warm breezes and t-shirts. Even on the muggiest days of July I'd be out on my bike, covered in dirt, sweat and the occasional dead bug. 

And then it was winter.

Now, I know a lot of hardcore cyclists on Twitter are like KEEP RIDING, SUCK IT UP, YOU CAN DO THIS - but I'll be honest, I'm not going to cycle when it's snowing. 

Photo (16)
I also managed to avoid cycling at all throughout most of December (I went out twice, it was cold) and I went the better half of January with my bike in the garage and me on the sofa. The muscles I had built up for my Cycletta ride had softened, and I swapped spinning for drinking and training for cheese. To be fair, the trade wasn't all that difficult but the self loathing has been pretty intense.

However, this year I plan to do the London to Brighton ride. And the London Ride 100 - so I can't exactly spend the entire winter season on my ass.  I finally went back to Richmond Park last weekend, and my body was like, "Soooo if you had been doing this all winter, this wouldn't be so hard, WOULD IT?!"

If you're like me, and you despise cycling in winter but you have to do it anyway - I can recommend some wonderful bits of kit that will make the journey much more enjoyable. 


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22 January 2013

What I've Learned About Success

This last Friday marked that last day that BitchBuzz, the online magazine that I founded four and a half years ago, would be updated. We made the decision to shut it down for many reasons.

One of the main reasons, as I stated in my farewell letter, is that the market has changed, and the nature of the industry has changed. This online community of female bloggers and journalists is now very full and heavily saturated with blogs and personalities that are all trying to make it - get a book deal, radio show, press coverage - and this fashionable rat race has grown truly tiresome.

I've been blogging and writing online in various forms for going on 8 years. In those 8 years, I've seen what it takes to become a 'Super Blogger' - and it is just not for me.


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